just to start the ball rolling – I thought I’d type in a few scentences and set it a going. So here I am and I plan to write a bit about the zeitgeist – a matter that interests me muchos!



About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

5 Responses to Introduction

  1. Jeremy says:

    go fuck ur self!!!!!

  2. Jeremy says:

    what is this all about – what i slife – lara croft – vc resa

  3. Jeremy says:

    often it has been said that that waht is said is not enough and what must be – will probably never be enough anyway….
    if zeitgeist be thy source of fun then so be it – research it and schadenfreude.. die wunderzit…

  4. Soumya P. says:

    The spirit if the times is bad and there are things happenning here at the middle east and other places that are beyond compare. I urge my brothers to please look at the status of Iraq and think and pray for an end  to it.
    At this point of time most of the country of Iraq is in shambles as you all probably know – how much worse can it go is only allah\’s will. People from here have started moving to afghanistan saying that things are better there.

  5. Soumya P. says:

    it is sad yes and it is true…

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