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Dubya – the most powerful man in the world was in India this week and we learnt a lot of interesting details in  the press; for example the daughter of the prime minister of India works for the Human rights people at the (Civil Liberties) US and is suing the president of the world (sorry US and Mr. GWBush at the moment)  over human rights abuse at Guantanamo Bay.
Really made me wonder – did she go there to do the civil liberties/human rights things because she had less challenges here; we do not have much of human rights here now do we? I mean the finance minister of India has just recently decided to tax us (citizens of India) should we god forbid ask our credit card companies for an account statement. This activity is apparently a service? This is while most people turning in billions on rose or mushroom farming do not pay taxes as agcriculture in India is exempt from tax. If that is not a deprivation of human rights to a section of society – I do not know one. And we are not even starting on the rest where people have had to face worse.
When the Indian economy is as at a boom as it is now – I guess it is only right that serious comment and dissension is limited to just the communists – who no one ever took seriously anyway. Most people are too busy counting the cash that they made the honest way or the dishonest way like say the people on that drunken murder case at the national capital.

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A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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  1. Sudhir says:

    Half your life you spend in acquiring what you feel need. The rest you use to safe gaurd them.

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