animal rights and us

Today was the begining of a new day in the Indian wildlife conservation. A fairly popular filmstar with a wide fan following was put to jail for killing an Indian Chinkara gazelle (an antelope). No two ways about it the guy deserved it and he has had an history of behaving badly and may be a disturbed person. However the sniggering classes must mention that a few days back a guy got off scot free after killing and Indian human being – a woman and ex model. Too bad animals are more important as anyone who has heard of Maneka Gandhi will tell you and in a country like India where we do have many people to begin with and there are any way many minorities and all need to be attended to – I guess it is only fair that some one be put to jail for killing a deer.
Off course we must also keep in mind that deer hunting and otherwise killing defence less animals with guns and pellets and shots – where the odds that they can defend themselves are fairly shortened – is indeed a manly sport of much popularity in the developed world. The vice president of the US some time back shot his hunting partner in the derriere (the exact position of the shot  may not be true!) with quite some widespread consternation. In our country shooting defence less animals is suitably and in my mind quite rightly frowned upon and if this film star becomes an example – well more power to the people who put him in jail.
But then is a black buck more sacred than a woman moonlighting as a bartender; it probably seems like it – or rather what we see is a very good example of how lobby and pressure groups can actually mount an attack and win the day. The deer is not it – people with a stake in its death (and the people/community that  fought the film star have an history of having gone against the powers that be for over 500 years now and all that in the name of animal and plat rights!) made it the issue and made sure their version of justice is done.

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A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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