Death of a legend & the fall of a city

With 206 films under his belt and performances that enthralled generations of people in Kannada cinema – Annavaru has left a great legacy behind. On his death – his eyes were donated  and were removed immediately on the announcement of his passing away. He was a simple man on whom circumstances had thrust greatness and he let that mantle lay lightly on his shoulders. To the end he was a simple man who prided himself on where he came from.
Yet he was a legend and as legends pass – I guess we Indians need to make a point of it. And so the city that a great man died in was on siege – by a fan club gone berserk. I live here and was in the middle of the biggest market in this city on JC Road (those initials belong to  the last king of the princely state of Mysore on whom the road is named). I was at a shop buying something – and then suddenly the guy I was talking with at the shop says ‘ sir, get out of here fast; things are gonna get out of control soon!’ Having spent many of my formative years in Indian cities which had been at those points flashpoints of communal rioting bought in by differences on religious issues (and no I just got kinda lucky – I did not really look to live in those cities!), my mind immediately thought this was another ‘communal riot’ coming on.
I asked in a bit of a contrived calmness of demeanor – ‘ so what happenned, wass up?’ – when he answered was when I realised that the actor had died. In this silicon valley wannabe city that I live in – there are rarely issues more emotive than the greatest actor ever that Kannada cinema had produced. I grabbed my change and ran to my car desperately calling up my near & dear ones out in the city to drop everything and get home! Off course the phones would not work – panic had taken over and everyone was jamming the phone lines madly. I had been here before in 2000 I think  – that was when Annavaru had been kidnapped by that damned brigand – V for Vendetta!
Having been there before and having done that – as I usually have – I hit the drill; tank up on gas for the wheels; get food; get booze; get cigarettes and hunker down in your bunker. I guessed it would be two days before this blew over. I managed the gas and some of the food but missed the smokes and the drinks – actually I was kind of trying to get off the drink and the cancer sticks or I know I would have!
And so we passed the last two days and today – it was like nothing evenr happenned and if you wanted to know what did happen – well at least 4 national level and 3 local news channels have at least 48 hrs of live video feed of rioting and arsonry and off course the news papers have had pictures of a city on fire in grief over an actors death. To think that the french thought they had gotten ahead of themselves with a simple ‘first jobs’ bill or some such pecadillo!!
What is the point of it all – well me thinks the point is – out here on the perimeter there are no stars out here  we damned well do what we feel like! Anarchy is probably king?!?

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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