cynicism & the 21st century – will this be the defining trait?

I remember when 2000 AD hit; I was at my computer trying to keep tabs, connected to the internet on a dial up connection on how the world’s network was doing. The roll over to the 21st century was if you recall when everything was gonna go kaput and you know real time judgement day scenario. I recall very clearly articles run in Time magazine and Newsweek as to how people in the US were stockpiling for d day. Out there in America they always love a good scare – a bogey they call it & boy was Y2k it or was it ever!!! I even can recall many a ‘software company’ around here at India doing Y2K conversion work and god knows what not.
And of course Y2k rolled over – people soon realised they had been conned – as they would have in every time bound scam. Only so many people had gotten scammed and so many people made money on this fear psychosis thing that hell when the costs had to be weighed out – they all thought it better to forget and you know look at new stuff (scams?) like say the dot com boom or bust – depending upon when you came onto it ?!?
But that is when it all started on that journey downhill – human beings kinda got into being cyncial; trust went out of the window and life got a bit more steely, stuff got tough. And hey I am not saying it was just because the Y2K roll over crisis did not tun out to be as worse as what every one had cranked it up to be – people kind of realised how easy it was to go on a ride that did not go no place; how to jump on to that gravy train that did not have any gravy in it.
People are definitely a bit more thorough in their evaluations and the booms and bust are of shorter terms now and then we had those corporate loss of faiths with Enron and Dynegy and a chief exec on a binge at Tyco. People had  a lot to lose faith on and whether it was more than it used to be in the last century – well I haven’t mathematical data to prove it – however I will wager that it indeed was.

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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