Youth, enthusiasm, impetuousness – for what?.

Those who forget history they say are condemned to repeat it and we see that all around us as mandal 2 unfolds – as names go a rather casteist one! Again young students start on an inflamed passion and yet I hope not as I type this.
Youth is a beautiful thing – the most beautiful in fact – people from ages unknown have prized it and in modern days have tried vainly and hopefully unuccesfully tried to retain it well past it’s possible lifetime. The Mahabharata in the Adiparva had an interesting anecdote about King Yayati who lost his youth due to his philandering ways and the curse of the father of his wife who he had done wrong by. He wrangled it out of one of his many sons with a deal he cut with one – Puru – his youth for Yayati’s kingdom. I do not kno whow history judged him – but such is the beauty of youth that many have done a lot to retain it!
The thing about the young is their enthusiasm – the way they take it upon them to be well young and cheered and you know enthusiastic! I remember my first brush with the ‘reservations’ issue – I was perhaps in class 8 then at high school when these young enthusiastic types – sophomores probably, came and shut down our school and took us to a long march to the town hall – in protest. I was a tad perturbed then as I was not the marching types. But it gave us a day of school and I figured this was a fair excuse to take two more days once I got back home as parents would certianly be concerned. Later in life whilst my self in the first year of graduate college – the ugly R word raised its head and we got a few days off college. I took some time out to try and get ahead with this young lady student in my class who was otherwise besotted with the equally young college leader. I did not succeed – but the students did and the R word was pushed back. But somehow it does not go away as it probably cannot in a society as primeavealy class based as ours.
And also the fact that the people who bandy it about – the elected leaders of our nation and the who’s who – for their children – study all in foreign climes whence the ugly societal menace of politically motivated short term affirmative action initiatives have not destroyed their youth’s future.  Whatever else has happenned to the world – nothing’s really gotten better. There are famed climatic eventualities called ‘El Nino’ that bring about weather changed that make humans die. Religion promotes one human to blow up many more in the name of a war of righteousness – self righteousness.
But this ugliness – I wonder will it ever provoke once again some of the stuff that Majumdar & Sanyal tried to bring about in 1967? I hope not once again and I pray not – it is not for youth to be blown away at the altar of meaningless unrecognised sacrifices – enthusiasm that leads to impetuousness. Live to fight – live to change – live to try. The revolution shall come – there are many that want it – but come it must not in a nihilistic fashion with anarchy. Living well – an American humorist in his syndicated show once said – is the best revenge.

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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