Mittal & Mallya take on the world!

To think the audacity – but looks like two men have made attempt at being audacious – two men entirely different as chalk and cheese and the gall! Vijay the liquor baron from Bangalore – the town that gave the world software and outsourcing – after I dare insist Kingfisher beer always had global ambitons and young Lakshmi Narain is no less – he had once made a deal with his brothers where he did accept the world as his oyester. But to see them mount a challenge such as they have on symbols perhaps of continetal tradition was interesting and to see it rebuffed – was I would say hardly surprising.
Some things are very traditional and any manner of travesty with them is often disdained – even or probably because the issue were about a maker of fine wines or maybe finer steel perhaps? I wonder if some of it were not for the fact that the bidders – were of extractions far less gaelic than acceptable for steel and wine makers? There is for example in my town of fair Bengaluru a club of social nature once owned & operated by the disdainful british and other colonial types but since lapsed into the hands of the brown sahibs, which recently – about an year and a half back refused entry to a local artist of some creative repute (and also head of I believe of an institute) since he was dressed in Indian attire! The way I see it if Indians at Bangalore could do it to their fellow men – sure as hell nothing funny that someone else did it to us as perhaps a national identity.
I am not the expert here  but what little I know – there seems no evidence to show that Mittal or Mallya represent the mentality of corporate raiders to strip the assets of the acquired and make a short terms gain to move on to the next pick. If at all they have in their acquisitions and forays shown the instict of a parent and have stayed invested and worked to grow their assets and improved productivity and profitability and contributed to local society. Maybe there were a few layoffs at their firms – as anyone from John F. Welch to Carlos Ghosn  has done – but I am certain none of it were ever the kind any Gordon Gecko kind of a capitalist would do with nary a thought at that! Spirited local rebuffs of our bids have been done before and a truck & SUV maker at India was once not allowed to acquire an european trucker. Today those same guys – who once got permission from Willy’s Overland of the USA to make their 4X4s at India – in the early 1950’s at that – strategise to come back again – like  maybe once Alexander or Ashoka did on their global conquests? Maybe we haven’t many olympians & sportspeople  out there except that army man with the gun and they say there are more in the wings where that came from. But there has been a lot of strategic talent in our country and Chanakya’s tome I still think gives a fair battle to Machiavelli’s book and note they are a few centuries apart – with Chanakya being there and done that before the Italian!
Bring ’em on said the great American President – Dubya (my personal favourite!) – I think Mittal & Malya should go back to their corners proud that they fought well and note that the towel wasn’t thrown in – the refrees fixed the match! Our time shall come!

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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  1. thiru says:

    it\’s OUR time!

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