The system and us!

Back when I was younger – a small kid really, I heard a lot of young folk (twenty somethings) crib about the ‘system’ and how they couldn’t break it and how it just overpowers. It was then that I kind of got like really wary of this thingy – ‘the system’. The roots of the term – ‘the system’ I think (there is not in my mind any ready reference that I can cite here) originated around the 1960’s – 50’s and was something that the young at that time perhaps fought against?
At the wild west that was America then there were I believe gentlemen of some amount of disrepute like Allen Ginsberg; Ken Kesey; Jack Kerouac to Bob Dylan who gave a generation something to sing about and supplied us the beatnik!Many historians have asserted that this philosophy of anti-materialism, combined with its fundamental soul-searching impact led to the lyrics of popular 1960’s musical revolutions like the early Pink Floyd; The Beatles, and was thus  the precursor of a generation.
In India poverty stricken as we were – some of the biggest thoughts and movements around that time were writ in the grim realities of the landless and the classless and the severely marginalised. I cannot confirm if any music came out of this – but it would be fair to assert that Ravi Shankar did play at Woodstock! Yet there were battles against the system and artistes and the populace revolted in their own ways. Che Guevera might today just be a T shirt – in those days he was more potent than anything anyone had ever conjured up. Revolution was at every corner; nook and cranny!
But things wither and age as do ideaologies and idealogues and so we are the wiser and older – the time is gone; the song is over – thought we’d all had somethings more to say! I look back at those days when they fought the system and look in to myself and I think – you soon stop fighting the system – because the way it goes – after a while you become the system! I am not the expert on this one and to be on the right side of all concerned – must clearly state that these are my own opinions here – but the best way to beat the system if ever there were one – is to become it! It was an young leader that queried  and prompted us to ask not what it is that the nation does for us but rather what we could do for it?! And that is where the system is and that is where it must be changed.
In the modern world the here and the now is most important and existence has devolved into a primal selfish survival kind of an instinct. The sociopolitical mileu today is vitiated such that most people expect the worst in everything and institutions such as the government are often scorned. No one wants so much to be an hero either most of the times at least; they are happy just watching the world go to nuts. It is the season of reality TV – ennui takes over and people live vicarious lives. No one wants to get involved any longer. I think back in those days – the 60’s they call it – I think people were somehow more concerned – or so it seems – where did that feeling go?
Yes there are some people who dare rise and make a difference and they are often feted for that act – but there are not many – not even appropriately or representatively as many as they should be! I fear this is due to a feeling of helplessness perhaps or maybe an idea that one cannot hope to make a difference that plays havoc with a person’s choices. But it is not true, in our own little ways we can hope to make small little differrences and these if done long enough and with enough feeling will soon grow and become a movement potent enough to overthrow anything.
In China a few years back a small little series of breathing excercise and indigenous aerobic caused quite a stir. A political stir fry at that! This activity – a lot like ‘tai chi’ another Chinese breathing excercise – was called Falun Gong and scared the people who control that country enough to ban it. Practioners were hounded out. It is a lot like if ‘yoga’ at India became so bad (or contorted!)  that they had to ban it here. The chances that yoga will get there are fairly low – but it did happen in Beijing! A small little thing can make a big change – all we need within us is to make that effort and try to change one little thing around them that they’d rather not see happenning!

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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