Mumbai and le mondial!

I wrote about Mumbai some time back about how it is rude and all – as per RD – a right wing american rag. And now Mumbai’s just had a few more bombs go off and people die. And guess what – that is the thing about Mumbai – it is back on its feet and doing what it did – nary a care that bombs went awry where men once swung.
I have lived in that town – and man it is a hard time there  for all they that are not born there or do not claim with it a deep secret bond of mystique that makes pleasure of all pain. It is a tough town out there and it is a lot like – ok go hit me – guess what I will bounce back – not hit back – but just stay standing. I will wear you out! That is what Mumbai is – a tough town and it has shown yet again that no bombs or busts or bulls or bears or what have you can ever bring it down.
Everyone is a jehadi these days and the guys that get caught in the crossfire – well the US state department calls them collateral damage. It somehow minimises the fact that people died; lives were lost and children orphaned.But a prayer to their souls nonetheless.
What is it that makes man kill man; what is it that makes a footballer head butt his opponent in a momement of great and blind anger? They said insult – some deep insult so deep that violence is the way out? Who wins? No one does – in war there are no victors – only surviovors – some one once said this!!!!
I do not think anything is ever worth this much angst – nothing; and then you are in a position where the world sees your folly and makes decisions and judgements and you are the captain of the national team of a country that gave the world Descartes; De Maupassant; Pascal and even Napolean. And at that august company  do you wanna be known as the guy that caused what the french are calingl – le coupe de bouille? A headache? After all they even have their own name for that magic game there – le mondial!
Why then did a footballer do what he did then; why then do bombs go off in what the portugese once called bom bahia (the good bay!)- because everyone is a jehadi these days. And cause nihilism and a desire for anarchy is back – people want a new order – it is just that they do not know what order means. It is for us people then that must do our own little bit to ensure that it stays away and humans retain their sanities and all that is good and might rules and all that is bad and ugly stay away!

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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