The future

Everybody gets a chance to write what he thinks the future os going to be and I think I have a right to. I mean I am anonymous enough and there are enough blog rolls out there – I am sure no one is gonna mind me airing my views?! Well if they do – a tad bad now! 

The way I see it – computers are always gonna be big as in important to life  – it is just that they will perhaps meld into the background to the extent that we won’t know they are there and yet they will be and they will control most of everything. RFIDs etc as we know them today are just the beginning of the shape the future will take. A lot of the future has already been seen and people like Gene Rodenberry who made Star Trek fro TV and  Paul Veerhoven who made Total Recall and James Cameron who made Terminator – saw it and put it on film. People earlier to them like HJ Wells or Asimov wrote their ideas down and that was in my mind the beginning of when the future really started to take shape. I do not know if Wells was looked on as an oracle as perhaps the Oracle of Delphi might have been but he was. Science Fiction in fact is what real life tries to become since it is the only vision we can have of what can be. 

Software as we know it today is also going to change – there will be no two clear types like we have now – business and home users. There will like this one ‘account’ that you have when you are born – which becomes like a URI – an unique resource identifier. If this URIs – email IDs for example are also alpha numeric as email is in fact today and then there  are no limitations on the quantum of such URIs; accounts; people you can have. URIs have access to services and everything is one server on this humongous internetsmorgsgooglehog thingy that is what the internet and the world wide web as we know it today will have become. An electronic and digital spiritus mundi if you will. People have services that they subscribe to – the death of software that Marc Benioff urges us and that is the way it. In the short term – I think Google will buy and Web Ex and enter the enterprise business finally and they have everything there an IM groupware  client with voice built on a stable freeware protocol stack that any one can download and Google controls centrally.  

In my younger days I once opined (in a sci fi story) of attempts at doom for Microsoft. Even then my hero lost and that creation of Bill Gates – often termed the spawn of evil – Microsoft won the day as they yet will. There is something to be said for having a lot of money in the bank – tremendous lock in on the computers that people work on and they already have the groupware in place with hotmail and Windows Live that can do a good web based emulation of Outlook and once they set up a server farm as big as Google with enough wind; solar; magnetic; nuclear power to run them – aint no one that can count them out yet. 

So what am I saying – everyone is gonna be born with a mail ID and it is either gonna be google or microsoft – some one is gonna kill me for this now. Well I haven’t the picture clear enough in my head – it is not probably a mail ID as we know it off today – more like a log in and access to the  server of perhaps your existence. Like a municipal birth certificate as we receive it today for children born whose parents have taken the trouble to register their births at India for example. Something not quite effective as it may sound here at India – but in the Island of Great Britain or in Scandinavia or in any other developed nation for that this is in fact – a current reality. Everyone has a number! In future it will be this access log in and pwd and unlimited storage when you log in. Initially the log in (if I had my way) would have the DNA fingerprint of the person – allowing for repair of accidentally damaged limbs as there will then be not any more disease as we know it now. As the person grows and learns and develops – he adds to his little ‘web space’ perhaps – his little (unlimited) storage log in. 

In the future there are gonna be – at least for the computer nerds among us – 3 things – processors – the type Prof. Kilby made; software the type Bill Gates; Larry Ellison makes and the 3rd kind is the people that put it all together to make products and services like a Nintendo or Nokia does today or as a Yahoo, Google or does on the internet. IT as we know it today will be at the core of this combination – the electrotelecombosmorgsborad – ok ok I am getting ahead of myself now I know – but hey  the future’s going to  need new names my man?! I mean as I read in my favorite rag lately – that if a few years back (today being 2006 December) we were to be told that mobile phones would take pictures and play music – we’d be thinking – so what where is the film going to go and does it mean that the CDs will get really small and miniaturized?

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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