Apple again!

1 Infinite Loop; Cupertino, CA 95014 USA – for me for a long time and in my teenaged and then adult life – this is where god lives. Something about when I discovered computers (1984) which was also the year that these people with teh funky address launched The Macintosh. For them that were not born so far back and the rest of the deprived – that was the first time computers came out of the geekdom crevasse and aimed for you and I – the common man – aam janta as we say out here at India!And how far India and Cupertino; CA and yet how close – Steve Jobs – one of the founders of Apple and the company that is in fact based at that address as above and the guys who took things like GUI (graphical user interface)  and the mouse out of a Palo Alto Reserach Centre (PARC for Xerox) and put it out on people’s desks! For the afficionados – this was a company started by two outre people both with the same first name – Steve! One of them – Mr. Jobs (peace be on he that taketh his name – since he is my god and if there is god – he is the only one and he aint no messiah – he is the man!) was in the Haridwar belt – it is told (‘rumoured’ and fie on they that say otherwise) imbibing some herbs of the mind altering range. Now they that know their United Provinces (ah me always the british hangover – it is god dammed UP – Uttar Pradesh for Mulayam Singh’ sake) would know that herbs and UP mean only one thing – moksha!
Anyway something did happen and Steve in the late 80’s; early 90’s hired this Pepsi co guy to sell guess what – computers! As the damn CEO – no less! In my mind this is the only time god faltred! He learnt soon when John Sculley actualy fired Steve Jobs – the man that hired him! Soon one John and another Gil later – god was however back on his saddle – for one american dollar a year.He was back running Apple – the company that defines über cool and the one the two Steves did once start – also in a garage. There have been many what the uncharitable would call – Apple duds – the Newton for example – but my version is more like it was before its time. A lot like when AT&T launched video calling telephones in 1968 and that did not take off.
Those of you who are like me – by the Apple bug bitten (and there are many like I)- will know where I am going with this – it happenned at MacWorld expo at San Francisco this Tuesday – conflicting as it was with the show at Las Vegas on Consumer Electronics. Las Vegas lost and Frisco won! Apple launched a phone! Big Deal – Nokia a Finnish giant has been launching phones since you and I can recall; and then there is Motorola! Well a good place to gauge the effect of Apple is to see the share prices of all those other phone guys  in comparison to Apple when the phone launched. The graph is telling – every other mobile phone handset company’s stock tanked that moment! The fear of the Apple strikes hard and strikes deep.
A dear friend of mine observed that the iPhone as we know it is a trademark perhaps of another company.But then I thought wasn’t Apple itself a trademark of the Beatles when Mr.Jobs lay claim to it. Not that it got the original boy band anything for it; the courts threw that dispute out twice now. I am certain they will find a way around this new trademark issue also – if there is one? If you cannot beat them in court you can always pay them off! What is it about this company that can do this? A lot of it is about the internet – or rather the  consumer’s adoption and descent into the swirls of the telecosm which makes a blog entry lauding Apple possible on a Microsoft site! In this phantasgmoric world – the guys who are different are the guys that truly move the envelope.
Conossieurs of digital history would know that Samsung of Korea and Creative had cute little MP3 players like the Yepp and the  Rio from Nomad I think as far back as 1998. All Apple brought to that picture and that market was design and an ease of use that redefined the user experience to a whole new level. That is what they at 1 Infinte Loop  really do. The defining moment in the legend that is Apple perhaps in my mind is that movie by Ridley Scott that aired as the commercial for the Apple during the telecast of a big American ball game called 1984. The imagery is called Orwellian and speaks perhaps of the tyranny of big brother and a communist state which funny as it may sound today is in fact Great Britan in many ways! Welcome to that blade runner future and Apple has just written its name on the wall – again! Happy New Year and think different this year!

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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