Barack Obama is a junior senator from Illinois and has put his hat in the ring as it were of the great American Presidential Elections of 2008. If you aspire to be the most powerful man in the world  a lot of people will hold you up to scrutiny. Not the least of them would be the wife of a former President herself with her own ambition to be the first woman to be an American President thus also  Mr. Obama’s opponent in the same sweepstakes. The point is a lot of scurillious lies and innuendos have been spread in the media blitzkriegs that the American Presidential run offs are. With a limited appreciation of the issues at stake here however I cannot say I do not like Mr. Obama. If I could vote in this particular popularity contest and if mine matterred for anything I’d vote Barack. I kind a like the name and the irony that it rhymes with that bearded bad guy.
Why else ? Besides the facile ones I gave earlier; I feel  Mr. Obama is for real. What I have read about the man and what I have  heard from the rumours it is thought that the lawyer lady from Whitewater has let out in a bid to be back in the Oval Office (perhaps with her own cigars and Interns?)  Mr. Obama is a real deal with his imperfections sitting squarely beside those portruding ears on a strong shoulder! And he smokes! In America – you may do anything else; you may use cigars inopportunely as a President once did; you may be in a Vietnam War and you may cause far worse – but you may not smoke. To smoke in God’s own America from what I have heard and I imagine thus is  far worse than even being a communist pig! It has something to do with tax payer’s money that was swiped by a lot of lawyers in what they call out there – a ‘class action suit’. Since Americans cannot give up lawyers – they gave up smoking!
This is a little bit about this multiracial Harvard  law school graduate as much as it is about making decisons about other human beings on elements of their character as peripheral as perhaps smoking. Why does the fact that in February 1990, he gained national recognition for becoming the first ever African American to be elected president of the Harvard Law Review not be more importants than the fact that his middle name is Hussein? He obtained his Juris Doctor degree magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991 – why is that not more important that he smokes and did worse when he was younger? The truth is that out ther in that quagmire that is the main street media in the west; realities often get blurred and everyone is out there for a ride.
The driving agenda is always the lowest common denominator –  people who ‘vote with their feet’. I often wonder if it is the immaturity of a civilisation that cannot make its right choices? In ancient Rome they left governance to the guys that knew it and could orate well about it. In India we have a simpler equation – throw out who ever is in power and get the new guys in every time there is an election. Change is up every 5 years and no one guy can ever think he has the country as his personal fiefdom past the 5 years that he can cobble together a ‘working majority’. And we could not care two hoots if the gentlemen in the fray smoke drank or fornicated. As a matter of fact – quite a few of our governance types – the politicos have rap sheets embarrassing enough to make Al Capone blush!

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

2 Responses to Smoking!

  1. Arthur says:

    "Since Americans cannot give up lawyers – they gave up smoking!" that\’s a great line…you write very well Bravo ! – I\’d like you to write something about smoking at greetings from California

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