Dippy and I!

The last few months have been an exceptionaly bad period in my life – things haven’t been going well and I seem to have the reverse Midas touch about me – everything I touch turns to dust! It has taken its toll and I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to and this is even as machines are getting smarter and the world is torn ausnder by new tech advances that makes the mind boggle. Ah but such is depression – never an easy cure and when it hits – it does take its toll on the motivational aspects of existence. At times like this drink and drugs do have something to contribute to lift the spirit I feel – but they also do extract a price and the thought of a dead liver or worse brings some amount of how shall I say – temperamance to the soul. Ah me – so full of shit! But besides the drugs and the drink there are other means that I employ to lift the spirit and one is to look at people in circumstances far more wretched than oneself and especially those that rise above their troubles to claim victory on their wretched ness.
I was watching today this program on National Geographic about a fairly wretched class – the fire service personnel at New Delhi India. The film was  by a foreign production company and in my gung ho days I usually see in them a thinly veiled attempts by outsiders to beliitle our nation and its many vagaries. Today I watched in amazemant as the voice over talked about these poor sould – earning Rs. 9000 a month with just a few oxygen masks between them handling an unbelievable number of fires a year. In the land of the glitzy  call centre – the fire service control room at Delhi showed a place with many individual  telephone lines that fire officers answer one at a time and manually handwriting down the details! The camera team solemnly followed about the firemen as they went about their jobs with the kind of fatalistic nonchalance that is extremely Indian. The most astonishing sight on my TV screen were these people rushing to a douse a fire in a cardboard factory at Delhi and the factory owners would not let them in probably because there were violations happenning inside! I mean in America young children think being a fireman is one of the greatest virtues and off course the salries are at an average $45,000 a year. The film was rather depressing to watch when they showed how in India people do not usuaully give way on the road  when the fire truck sirens are going off behind them and the traffic holds up attempts to get to the location.
I live in Bangalore – or Bengaluru to a few and I am more than well aware of how bad the traffic gets here and have often prayed that I never get stuck in an ambulance or fire emergency in the middle of rush hour. Hoping against hope that the fire or the health emergency will hit at the best times for traffic either on Sunday or between 11:30 am and 4:00pm or after 11:00pm on the work days. But none of the people in the film about the firemen at Delhi seemed perturbed – they had a gung ho cheer about them and the kind of a philosphical calm and acceptance of their fate that only an Indian can have. As I said when you are depressed it is great to watch people in positions worse than you and if you can see them happily going about their depressing existences – wow more power to them and shame about your own petty and trivial dippyness – in comparison I mean.

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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