As a bona fide apple fanboy – I cannot leave this opportunity to comment on what is possibly the greatest product launch of the world – twice in a year – yeah the Apple iPhone 2.0. They say that there is a reality distortion field around Apple’s products made up in entirety by the charisma of  the man – Mr. Steve Jobs (peace be on him that takes his name – for he is god) an icon and Apple’s founder/saviour/genius. Tell that to Jonny Gladwell the first man possibly in the world to buy an iPhone at New Zealand, since the sun rises there before it does in the US! There is not as a matter of fact a single tech web site in the last two days that has not Apple iPhone related news on its landing page.

Mike Arrington, Om Malik, you name them- anyone who has a blog and is followed (a thought leader so to speak) has the Jesus phone on their posts. If that ain’t magic – what else is? The app store from Apple – their application ‘shop’s made $55,000 even before the product has hit the stands! Buyers in Asia and Europe haven’t been lagging either and the new phone brings with it support for enterprise class application and email support. Oracle was the first off the block to launch support for the iPhone and business users can access BI applications on this smart phone. The word is out there that the Blackberry is over and the Jesus phone will take a 35% market share of the smart phone business in the US. Servers around the world are crashing keeping up with the demand, even Apple’s! This thing is actually so big that even if this may not be connected – the Justice Department in the US just dropped all charges on a stock option back date charge against Apple and Mr. Jobs! Reality distortion or just plain luck?!!!

Us poor fanboys out here in India are not going to get this soon or at any discount either, part of it is because Indian’s really love ‘unlocking’ their phones and changing carriers faster than most people can change clothes and this was much before any one had heard of a jail broken phone! And before any one forgets – we have not 3 G yet, something about the telecom miniimagester and the left and the right and Amar Singh and the nuclear deal and you know how that goes! So yes I have not an iPhone yet and the odds are not very good that I am going to get one soon. I sure as hell am not going to pay anyone to stand in line as this dude at Las Vegas did!

Plus there is no line out here at India and off course I recently paid good money for a Nokia E90 Communicator smartphone which does most of what the iPhone does including GPS but without the reality distortion off course. Do I love Nokia – yes I do and have had a Nokia since 1998! Will I ever get an iPhone – sure as there are the Himalayas and night follows day I will. Two $700 smartphones in your pocket will look like an overkill alright but that is the price one pays for being a fanboy! I do not know if anyone noticed – but Motorola – the people who invented the cell phone also launched some sort of a phone and does anyone care?

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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