Barack is the new black!

Mr. Obama was a man I had my heart set on quite early in this rat race, I even blogged my affection for him here. To see him win the election was off course a very strong vindication of my beliefs and I knew that he’d beat Hilary even before it was accepted common knowledge. I am a little bit like Ms. Marple of Agatha Christie – I see similarities and common prejudice; America I felt would not have a woman president before they had a black one especially not a woman whose husband was Bill Clinton. Who am I to say – I am not an American just made a guess. However to watch the huge super positive reaction to having Mr. Obama win from the press and I do believe around the world – made me think – so why is every one else so happy. Perhaps because he truly represents change; perhaps because for us at India and a lot like a whole lot of other American things – we will probably never see a leader such as he; our leaders have had feet of clay and a lot has been writ about it. Let us face facts;  the best we can expect is Rahul Gandhi and other dynastic formats; Deora, Pilot, Abdullah et al. A Harvard educated; Mc Kinsey trained black man with a family like an United Nations; I don’t see that happening in a long long time.

The New Yorker – blessed be that publication has an article on how Obama won and it is an essay on righteousness if I may call it that; here’s a man who was right – a little bit like Jesus Christ – and my apologies for making that comparison – but a of religious faiths do not allow it by their own laws to make comparisons like that. I know Christ would not mind and Obama evokes that kind of faith and belief. I know he is going to be different from everything we have seen before and if anyone has really seenimage G.W. Bush at the length that America has  would know and accept that anything would be better. I mean the GOP actually put in Mc Cain & Palin essentially because they knew they would have to lose. What are the odds that a 70 year old Vietnam veteran and a daft ex beauty queen (and mind you governor of Alaska also) had any chance against a degree of articulation that had never been seen before and a clarity of thought that was rapier like and incisive.  This was Obama – they competition might as well as have rolled over and played dead for all the difference they could have hoped to make. In India psephologists would have called it anti incumbency and that would well have been one end of it – but a person with no real backing making it to the most powerful position in the world with a middle name that is middle eastern and an education at a madrassa – no one would have bet on that.

Anybody that followed the 2000 elections that made Dubya the president would know that if the machinery had to get down and dirty – the GOP could well do what it took to ensure that voters are systematically routed out. There were people like Katherine Harris, Secretary of State at Florida then and Congresswoman later now routed finally who used all means dubious to get Dubya in. Hollywood makes good movies out of themes like this and Watergate for example inspired ‘All the President’s Men’. In 2008, they made a movie to recount the election of 2000  and off course it is called Recount produced and starred in by Kevin Spacey and a very convincing account of what went on behind the scenes. Some of the jokes coming about Obama are like how will Carla Bruni react to Michelle and i think that makes him sound like the messiah that he has the chance to become. But he has to do a lot and he has aimed for the stars. American industry is broke and their financial system seems like a joke and everyone needs a bailout and lets us not even get started on the R word here and to say Mr. Obama has his work cut out for him would be an understatement. We all look forward to what change he can wrought.

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A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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