A new year,

Another year and a lot to look forward to from all that has been happening in the world. Personally I got into the Christmas & New Year with a bad back, 3 herniated spinal discs in the lumbar region and that basically meant being lain back on my back looking at the roof and ruminating. At times like this technology must as always come to the rescue and my first generation (and still current at the time of typing this) iPad came in really useful. I even started off this blog post on an app that I had downloaded from the app store there – but the truth be told had to drop the attempt at writing a blog on an iPad as the typing form factor is just no correct at least I could not get a hang of it in the time that I tried. 2010 and before I forget was also a critical year in that Microsoft finally gave up its pretenses of running a blogging platform and over all its users on the spaces platform to wordpad here. For some one like I who had started off on the much maligned and despised Live Spaces from MS – there was some vindication in choosing a good IT vendor who would in the long term and in the eventuality of cessation of their business model would do the right thing by their customers and that is give them a chance to migrate to the better or one of the better (or at any rate at least – the more successful platform) and yeah that is a lesson – do always choose your IT vendor with care!! The back notwithstanding I did attempt to think ahead of the year that was headed our way and what could we perhaps except to see there. I remember last year in January when CES opened at Las Vegas – the biggest show in the customer technology space a lot of thought went out there to 3 D TV and it’s rise. While the technology has definitely shown promise – we still are a bit far away from mainstream adoption and not the least of which is caused by the fact that we do not yet have content that can utilize to the best the infrastructure that a 3D TV set could be sending out there.

About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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