The Tim Cook Signature

It was a sad day for anyone that had anything in terms of time, money and passion committed to Apple when the founder – Steve Jobs (my personal god and peace be on him that takes his name) died last year. But then he set up Tim Cook to follow him and be his torch bear or whatever these things are. Tim Cook the supply chain maestro will take ahead Steve Jobs’ legacy. He has walked in – to me it seems his first ever crisis – something that he may have had a role in developing as a person that would have had necessarily paid a huge role in getting on board Foxcon the embattled supplier

The matter is still developing but Mr. Cook has shown a very relenting side to the entire affair and has gone out on a limb and put a supplier responsibility audit in the public domain. I think personally that is Steve had chosen and trained very well for the long job at hand and Mr. Cook has also shown his own individuality and ability to take action and move ahead at the same time. From the several profiles that I have read of him he is a maniac energy bar guy, walks a lot and gets a lot of exercise to be as slim as he is. He does not bear fools lightly either – a trait that most humans in power possess and can be quite cutting in his manner if you come across as one.

Creative people and Apple approach products have caused a few run ins in the past notably their film editing and creating software. Apple has been a mix of hard and soft in their positions here. But I could never found out why they do it and impose terms that are so obviously wrong that they cause a user rebellion. The latest iBooks Writer fiasco was one of these and Mr. Cook I think took a bold decision and did a quick U turn and reversed the licensing soon enough for it to be not so much of a bone for contention.

I think this will be the new Apple signature or the Tim Cook one if you call it that. A more sensible, sensitive, caring, nicer, responsible, adult organization which has managed to institutionalize the founder’s imperious culture, dreams and visions, creativity and has grown to become a formidable corporation. An article in Fortune on how Steve Jobs ran Apple; spoke of an exercise that was afoot at Apple where management scholars from nearby universities (and there are a quite a few good one close to Cupertino) were tasked with the job of studying Apple, make case studies and have everyone adopt the process that goes into the Apple way of decision making etc. That is something that will Tim Cook help maintain Apple in the position that it is at today.

Apple has just had what is called a blowout quarter – making more money in profits than is the turnover of some newer mega companies like Google. The stock is expected to trade at $600 a pop and expected to beat Google’s prices. All this happened as Mr. Cook took the helm and even though he has been thought of as “not a product guy” Apple has come out with some new innovative products – even if they are textbooks! I think that is what the Tim Cook signature is – a little nerdy – which is not such a bad thing for a company that makes some real cool nerdy products!

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A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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