Steve Would Have Been 57

Every year this day the 25th of February I watch the movie  – Pirates of Silicon Valley – a movie about the silicon valley revolution led by Steve & Bill. This is the day that Steve was born and he would have been 57. There are a few who ridicule me my worship of this man, I have only this to say it is not just I; there are many more and you can’t really belittle me my faith! For what he hath wrought cannot be by man alone be done, it has never been done and it will probably be a long time before it is done again. But yes there are always and are now worthy contenders for where he was. I only hope some of them even take the mantle and become the CEO of Apple!

Most people, CEO’s; leaders, great men if they manage usually leave an imprint on one aspect of life. It is not often you have a Ford that made cars, created hospitals, drove the Hollywood industry, changed and create a new marketplace etc etc… Steven P. Jobs – did it, he changed music, as we know it, he created something that combined and then fought with and won against a massive Hollywood studio – Disney who finally bought him off. His understanding and development of retail distribution probably will never be equaled ever again. His company makes more money per square feet of retail space than anyone in the world and this includes some of the best like Walmart, Asda, Harrod’s and you name it!!

Dr. Dre – Andre Rommel – an American R&B musician and producer said it like it is – Steve really got music and the way it should be! Today what he started in music has become the de facto distribution standard for software as well as music. As Samsung fights Apple in humorous ads aimed at poking fun at the people that stand in lie for an Apple launch – it must remember that Samsung owes a large part of its existence to the fact that Apple took its DRAMs and LCD screens and made something out of it. So yeah they make some Android phones and they only can because Apple made them from their commodity products in the first place and showed the world that physical keyboards are not needed; batteries do not need to be removed, an app market can be secure and have policies.


The patent litigation that has been at the back and front of the news and has made doing business now a cat and mouse game is of course very sad. It is interesting to note that Apple begun it’s life with trademark suits from none other than the Beatles that owned Apple records. It was amiably resolved when I guess the Beatles realized who they were up against. Cisco a very large big daddy networking company owned and used the trademark IOS for several years. As a network gear sales man in the late 1990’s I know I have made out quotes that included the part number for an IOS. When Steven P. Jobs decided that he wanted it – he just took it, Cisco rolled over like a dead cat; knowing perhaps in whose presence they were I assume. Now if that is not being god – tell me what is and every day I shed tears in my heart he had to leave us so early and I never got a chance to at least see him in person even once.



About Soumya
A technology enthusiast, forever enamored by all that it hath wrought and of course here is an attempt at making sense of it all and perhaps simplifying it!

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