The age of the social CRM is here – Radian 6 to get all Twitter feed to analyze for Salesforce!!


As enterprise companies like Salesforce and Oracle continue to sharpen their social media services for enterprises, Twitter is locking arms with one of them in a strategic alliance. Radian6, the social media monitoring service bought by Salesforce in March 2011 for $326 million, has announced that it has signed a strategic alliance with Twitter that gives Radian6 customers “complete access” to Twitter’s public tweet firehose of more than 400 million tweets per day.

This looks to be the first deal of this kind between Twitter and a third party Radian6 to allow full access for enterprise services. (But this is not the first enterprise deal for Twitter: for example, partnerships with DataSift and Gnip resell percentages of Twitter data, a Twitter spokesperson tells me. Crimson Hexagon and Mass Relevance also use Twitter’s firehose.) Twitter has had other firehose deals before, too, that have come and gone, such as this one…

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