Joga Bonita – the beautiful game starts!

The games are afoot – coach Klinsman’s men with Bernd, Miloslav & Bastian have taken the first match as a match between the best and the minnows might expectedly go – all hope not like what the Germans did to Saudi Arabia once with 8 goals in 2002 I think. But the people from Costa Rica were not that minnow like either – coach Alexandre GUIMARAES and their 30 year old star Wanchope took two great shots at the goal – in a 6 goal match! And what goals these were – Klose closing in perfect tandem and just when things started looking like it might be a 3:2 game – german domination – midfielder from FC Werder Bremen – Herr Torsten Frings made a goal that is a study in ball dynamics and wind flow all directed by a nifty kick – bend it they said – like Frings!
The analyst’s said that Klinsman’s men must look at the goals that Wanchope took as there are questions about the defence there – but look at the records ball possession was a 60 – 40 game with the germans leading. The Germans dominated as they ought to / should have. What is mindblowing about football has always been its drama and the emotion and all the rest of it. Klinsman and Brazilian born Guimaraes had played at Italia 1990 representing their countries and they play again at the first match of Germany 2006 as coaches!
Those of you who wached on TV at India also might have watched a follow up extremely badly done drag show with two really bad actors on ESPN. I do not know what they wanted to do – but they sure as hell made me detest that channel while I waited to watch Ecudaor play Poland! Joga bonita maybe but such bad hash between the matches?!!
There are some beautiful matches out there that I await with anticpation as I type this – Trinidad & Tobago Vs. Sweden on Saturday evening. Brian Lara hates having to play cricket at a time like this he said recently – we can see that in the test series now!