The Business Decision Making Process

I have often wondered exactly how are business decisions really taken? I come into this question with  a background in industry and a post graduate education at a business school. One phrase and I heard it often, boiled down to ‘gut feel’. Which most certainly is the oppositte of careful anlaytical thought process or perhaps we combine a bit of both and call it gut feel!?

Why did for example a recent e com major decide to go all app only ? And then revert that decision? What was the thinking to go against what seemed the normal grain and then come back to accept the truth perhaps and do a public roll back?

For that specific case, a lot I think can be pegged onto a few “new hire” situations, where expensive new recruits were expected to create and execute on earth shaking business plans. Something like if you had a football club and hired Gareth Bale for $100 million. If Gary did good you made money and if he did not, you lost a lot!! Thanks to all that pressure what if Gary made a self goal ?!





Whatsapp – Email overload & Enterprise social networks!

The last few years I have been really getting acquainted with several companies in my line of a work as tech sales guy. I see several organizational problems that I see building up due to unfettered tech and its wrong usage.  I’d love to solve them and have a few suggestions and being who I am they are inevitably about the more adoption of technology! I mean hey Whatsapp just got bought for like $10 +billion and people have a huge opinion about it. But all it did there was just move text messaging from the voice on CDMA+GSM spectrum network to the Internet Protocol/data network on the GSM+CDMA spectrum and added a layer of take and share media and files, create private friends or family social networks and on the mobile!

Email overload at the workplace is the latest big thing now that I really want to handle – it is so current now that were you to type in that search word – damn there’d be an article an hour back like say this one when I started to type this out. The solution is not too tough really – all you have to do is move that traffic else where on other servers that can handle it and is not as crowded and with less noise.

Go Yammer  and the ESN way. ESN is something I think I coined if no one has used before: enterprise social networks. If you don’t want to use Yammer – you may as well use FB – create corporate FB Ids centrally etc. But the point is it is they are there and can be used. You could try moving to the sales force dot com platform and use that as your workflow and sales force automation systems also and create that process. People like it or not read their FB messages, twitter feeds, Whatsapp dialogues more than anything else. More than SMS perhaps! There is even bug report on mozilla asking to see if reddit can be used to replace yammer?

Also the medium makes it such that people are forced to stay on script; brevity is the soul of wit as said Polonious in Hamlet  – a Shakespearean play. People need to have to be brief by the urgency of the medium and the forced restriction of space. Occasionally it spawns it’s own language like BRB, IMO, IMHO; LOL; BTW! Plus it brings in the concept of presence ; you know who is logged in on a server somewhere on the internet and can send receive files etc!! There are also possible videoconferencing and tele calling available which makes ESN the best way to go to handle email overload. In a very Marshall Mac Luhanesque manner; the medium becomes the message! Also it is open source capable and can be mostly configured for free with admin levels rights requires payments but it gets the work done!

Steve Would Have Been 57

Every year this day the 25th of February I watch the movie  – Pirates of Silicon Valley – a movie about the silicon valley revolution led by Steve & Bill. This is the day that Steve was born and he would have been 57. There are a few who ridicule me my worship of this man, I have only this to say it is not just I; there are many more and you can’t really belittle me my faith! For what he hath wrought cannot be by man alone be done, it has never been done and it will probably be a long time before it is done again. But yes there are always and are now worthy contenders for where he was. I only hope some of them even take the mantle and become the CEO of Apple!

Most people, CEO’s; leaders, great men if they manage usually leave an imprint on one aspect of life. It is not often you have a Ford that made cars, created hospitals, drove the Hollywood industry, changed and create a new marketplace etc etc… Steven P. Jobs – did it, he changed music, as we know it, he created something that combined and then fought with and won against a massive Hollywood studio – Disney who finally bought him off. His understanding and development of retail distribution probably will never be equaled ever again. His company makes more money per square feet of retail space than anyone in the world and this includes some of the best like Walmart, Asda, Harrod’s and you name it!!

Dr. Dre – Andre Rommel – an American R&B musician and producer said it like it is – Steve really got music and the way it should be! Today what he started in music has become the de facto distribution standard for software as well as music. As Samsung fights Apple in humorous ads aimed at poking fun at the people that stand in lie for an Apple launch – it must remember that Samsung owes a large part of its existence to the fact that Apple took its DRAMs and LCD screens and made something out of it. So yeah they make some Android phones and they only can because Apple made them from their commodity products in the first place and showed the world that physical keyboards are not needed; batteries do not need to be removed, an app market can be secure and have policies.


The patent litigation that has been at the back and front of the news and has made doing business now a cat and mouse game is of course very sad. It is interesting to note that Apple begun it’s life with trademark suits from none other than the Beatles that owned Apple records. It was amiably resolved when I guess the Beatles realized who they were up against. Cisco a very large big daddy networking company owned and used the trademark IOS for several years. As a network gear sales man in the late 1990’s I know I have made out quotes that included the part number for an IOS. When Steven P. Jobs decided that he wanted it – he just took it, Cisco rolled over like a dead cat; knowing perhaps in whose presence they were I assume. Now if that is not being god – tell me what is and every day I shed tears in my heart he had to leave us so early and I never got a chance to at least see him in person even once.



Hacking the mind – the next generation technology frontier !

The term hacking brings up a lot of connotations some of which are even close to what it exactly means. So to begin we need to get an idea clearly of what hacking is and what hacking does, the criminality etc. The word roots are in medieval English where it meant to cut away and clear a path sort of a thing and a good explanation is given here.

It is a lot like you cut away the detritus and make sense of what you have in place. In computer terminology and more closer to what it now stands for today – it is about making a connection cutting through perhaps layers of security of non compatible communication protocols. To hack into a network is al about making a connection and getting inside a place that you may not be legally or rightfully supposed to be at.

An Apple iPad a tablet computer for example as sold by its manufacturer – Apple Inc does not let you access its root – the core complete control of the system so to speak. They the manufacturers feel that you need to not have it and that it perhaps makes it les secure and possibly they want to control what stays on it or runs on it as in software applications that get the best value of the underlying hardware. To use such a computer to its 100 or more percent capability – you need to hack into it and the method specific forth at class of devices is called ‘jail breaking’ – an American nuance!

Hacking in a way makes a system better than what it was initially or rather at any rate and with the Apple example unlocks key functionality that was hidden or locked by its makers! Hacking the human mind is a lot like that. You don’t really like send it alphanumeric instructions on SMS or electrical signals – but in a away what is happening is that the neural networks in the mid are firing in different ways – seeking out new pathways and the neurons are signaling and getting the thing done!

Wired magazine for example has been for the last few years now several articles of this kind of human hacking and what they have achieved. The most interesting was the tale of Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert series and who had discovered that he had a new kind of a nervous ailment that would not allow home to speak as well as he would have liked to. One way around was he found if he could perhaps sing what he wanted to day and he would be able to say it.

Interest in hacking the mind came about as a result of perhaps brain injuries or nervous disorders or something that has upset the standard pathways and caused a need for new ways to be found or new neural pathways to be created. Occasionally it is about recalling and recreating memory. A great example has been of course Chris Nolan’s movie Memento, which is probably the best example of how the human mind can adjust to a situation where no short-term memories are formed! It would be a lot like if I started the article and forgot what it was that I wanted to write about or what the entire point was?!

Chris Nolan took the discussion a notch ahead as artistes and visionaries are wont to do and in Inception he gave us the possibility of power over our dreams. A very powerful concept that has been shown to be at least theoretically possible and the dangers therein. But the concept is not in a way entirely new. Ancient yogic beliefs in India and then from elsewhere like China have shown that there are methods and practice that can make us function in a more optimal manner. At its very simplest and from my personal experience over the years – you can train your mind to for example wake you up at a certain time from sleep like an alarm clock without actually a real alarm clock outside our mind!

I think in the near future and in the really short-term, say like a quarter or three away – I am expecting actual products that will hardwire or rewire your mind to do things. A little like say certain kind of fast moving color and imagery from a TV for example can cause an epileptic reaction in those thus afflicted. I imagine the possibilities if such subliminal imagery can be ‘piped’ / sent to you through the Internet, cable TV, radio satellite – what have you and any other means that may be discovered and things like LTE (long term evolution) and 4G come to mind immediately and imagine that this can be sent to you like a small instruction set that can be picked up and implemented!

To get an idea of what that might look like you can consider the way SIM cards get updated, upgraded, set instruction sets over the air like maybe an SMS or a bits and bytes data set that they can implement.  You can set up roaming or disable or disable all services permanently from an IMEI number. This brings up of course the specter of mind control and what have you but I will always opine that are we not under a bit of or quite a lot of mind control as it is as we are where we are today? We have advertising, we have government propaganda, we have PR and media, we have search engine optimization and many other means that make us believe what we see and get millions into a way of thinking and buying and many other activities for example.

There will be a need for enough legitimate mind hacking products and services like say smoking cessation programs and from that a host of such cessation programs like crime and violence that will always justify its need and existence. People will try to work with the risks and benefits doing the fine balancing act, which always threatens to tip at any time. This is because along with all this and more there is a huge lot of possibility and potential for all manners of scurrilous activity, cheating, forgery, bad stuff. The way I see it people like RSA, Mac Afee, Symantec, Verisign the security guys, the validation guys, the guards and checks and balances and the validations, the keys and the encryptions and the gateway security are going to have a great time in terms of business opportunities.

Herniated vertebral discs & I

I used to be a powerlifter when I was younger, that was like 15 to 17 years back. What we did in those times were to essentially lift really heavy weights in a competitive environment. The squat, the dead lift & the bench press all adding unto the total weight that you can lift. I think this is when I blew my discs, managed to perhaps keep it under wraps for a while but the thing that blew it all apart I guess and the chickens came home to roost.

A picture of the lower vertebrae and the discs.

Thus and there was how I was now lain low without a bundle of options so to speak. But that being what it is I was soon faced with the rather uncomfortable prospect of surgery for the discs. Technology today has reached great heights I was told and wonders were possible. The discs as you will note in the picture are comprised of something known as the Nucleus Pulposus surrounded by the Annulus Fibrosus and the mess happens when they move out of synch from in between the two vertebrae. The slip out so to say and you have the slipped discs. The problem is when there is an herniation which causes the little protrusions to take a hard shape and press on a nerve and cause more problems that you will want to have. As the spinal disc becomes less elastic, it can rupture. When the disc ruptures, a portion of the spinal disc pushes outside its normal boundary–this is called a herniated disc. When a herniated disc bulges out from between the vertebrae, the spinal nerves and spinal cord can become pinched. There is normally a little extra space around the spinal cord and spinal nerves, but if enough of the herniated disc is pushed out of place, then these structures may be compressed.

  • Tingling & Numbness
    Patients often have abnormal sensations such as tingling, numbness, or pins and needles. These symptoms may be experienced in the same region as painful electric shock

    Picture of an herniated disc


  • Muscle Weakness
    Because of the nerve irritation, signals from the brain may be interrupted causing muscle weakness. Nerve irritation can also be tested by examining reflexes.


  • Bowel or Bladder Problems
    These symptoms are important because it may be a sign of cauda equina syndrome, a possible condition resulting from a herniated disc. This is a medical emergency, and your should see your doctor immediately if you have problems urinating, having bowel movements, or if you have numbness around your genitals.

Dippy and I!

The last few months have been an exceptionaly bad period in my life – things haven’t been going well and I seem to have the reverse Midas touch about me – everything I touch turns to dust! It has taken its toll and I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to and this is even as machines are getting smarter and the world is torn ausnder by new tech advances that makes the mind boggle. Ah but such is depression – never an easy cure and when it hits – it does take its toll on the motivational aspects of existence. At times like this drink and drugs do have something to contribute to lift the spirit I feel – but they also do extract a price and the thought of a dead liver or worse brings some amount of how shall I say – temperamance to the soul. Ah me – so full of shit! But besides the drugs and the drink there are other means that I employ to lift the spirit and one is to look at people in circumstances far more wretched than oneself and especially those that rise above their troubles to claim victory on their wretched ness.
I was watching today this program on National Geographic about a fairly wretched class – the fire service personnel at New Delhi India. The film was  by a foreign production company and in my gung ho days I usually see in them a thinly veiled attempts by outsiders to beliitle our nation and its many vagaries. Today I watched in amazemant as the voice over talked about these poor sould – earning Rs. 9000 a month with just a few oxygen masks between them handling an unbelievable number of fires a year. In the land of the glitzy  call centre – the fire service control room at Delhi showed a place with many individual  telephone lines that fire officers answer one at a time and manually handwriting down the details! The camera team solemnly followed about the firemen as they went about their jobs with the kind of fatalistic nonchalance that is extremely Indian. The most astonishing sight on my TV screen were these people rushing to a douse a fire in a cardboard factory at Delhi and the factory owners would not let them in probably because there were violations happenning inside! I mean in America young children think being a fireman is one of the greatest virtues and off course the salries are at an average $45,000 a year. The film was rather depressing to watch when they showed how in India people do not usuaully give way on the road  when the fire truck sirens are going off behind them and the traffic holds up attempts to get to the location.
I live in Bangalore – or Bengaluru to a few and I am more than well aware of how bad the traffic gets here and have often prayed that I never get stuck in an ambulance or fire emergency in the middle of rush hour. Hoping against hope that the fire or the health emergency will hit at the best times for traffic either on Sunday or between 11:30 am and 4:00pm or after 11:00pm on the work days. But none of the people in the film about the firemen at Delhi seemed perturbed – they had a gung ho cheer about them and the kind of a philosphical calm and acceptance of their fate that only an Indian can have. As I said when you are depressed it is great to watch people in positions worse than you and if you can see them happily going about their depressing existences – wow more power to them and shame about your own petty and trivial dippyness – in comparison I mean.


Turning 30 had seemed to me then, when I contemplated it from a safe 18 years of age  – a very big deal; a downhill from here on kind of a rite of passage. But today on turning 34 – it seems particularly juvenile in comparison! I had hoped this will be 34 years of experience and wisdom; I look at my life and realize that this may in fact not be so. I am no wiser than I was when I was not 34. But ah that was then and this is now – I look fwd to my 34th year of my life with expectations and cheer. For one I learnt today that Cisco bought Web Ex – that kind of takes away from my earlier prediction that Google would buy it. But good to see the network giant move into the applications space. It looks to me suspiciously like an upstream acquisition to me; a lot like a news paper buying a forest to guarantee wood pulp except that it is more like a forest buying a news paper to ensure more of its woods get used (cut!). I am terribly sorry about that horribly mixed and environmentally unfriendly metaphor; but I am getting older and am not getting wiser or at least as wise as I would have hoped!
If all goes well I should do another 36 years on this planet and if things get better; those years will have less global warming and the nuclear fears would have been under control. Hopefully the world will be a better place. I had once opined that the 21st century would be one of cynics, there would be so much information overload and there would be so much multi tasking – most people would go thru life with certain pre dispositions so strong – that they often would not look at options. A lot of it – I thought was because we started the year 2000 with a scare that was not; people I think stopped believing from then on. But then on this century has also seen such incongruous niceties as the corporate NGO and grants from computer billionaires for a better world. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and come to mind and show that at the same time as we had Enron and others – we have also had do gooders.
So what has all that gotta do with my 34th birthday – nothing really; I was once again looking at this time and day and thinking about all that we have to marvel at. Another thing that happened today was the release of the digitally enhanced film version of the graphic novel by Frank Miller – 300. The number comprises the brave; hardy and committed soldiers of Sparta who came up one night to fight the marauding hordes of Xerxes the King of Persia at the narrow pass of Thermopylae about 480 years before Christ in ancient Greece under King Leonidas. The movie as any retelling of history must – has caused quite a furor with Google bombs being set off! I have not seen the movie – but in this time and age of the internet; I did get a fair idea of the visuals and the storyline from the studios web site. And the visuals are mind blowing and heralds a new way of film based story telling where reality is virtual and the imageries are a dreamscape of the mind! I think I am going to see many more movies like that and video games and computer generated animatronics around life and existence as I grow older.
And I look forward to the brave new world that takes shape amongst us; I read Aldous Huxley’s vision of it when I was younger – about when I was 12. That is the kind of an age when these things leave quite an impression on you – especially a book as impressive as The Brave New World. At 34 – I look back and still think that this book was the first (or at least best ever) attempt at seeing the future for what it would be! I think a lot of the future is going to be about computers and electronic machinery; these are going to be a large and larger part of our lives. Even mechanical devices like cars will be more and more dependant on integrated circuit based processors as they already are today. Human beings are that much more going to be about clear cut ones and zeroes; decisions will be a rather bit more – how shall we say – less about the humans than about the costs and mechanisms and the processes and the outcomes. It is already so as any one who has worked in the outsourcing business will tell you. In the future as I can see it – the children grow up faster and the end of innocence is earlier than when I was younger. Oh so much for growing old in a world where computers rule! Viva la future!

Simple Pleasures

In these times that are a bit more complicated than things used to be when life was easier- we have forgotten to smell the roses and admire the view. Simple pleasures are gone – people are too busy meeting expectations and rising above it to slow down a bit and think – is it not great that we are just alove and feeling what we feel ? Life is not about the olympics – we do not have to prove anything – it is not about higher faster or better. In the corporate existence – economits have opined that it about meeting ever increasing growth targets and the capitalist menace. In democratic India and our dear neighbors the chinese – we do approx 80 hours a week of work on the bad days. In France – it is illegal to do more than 35. The french are a minority as they have always been. But work is what work does – money is what money can do – why cannot we slow down perhaps and just enjoy what are a dwindling mass of simple pleasures?
Why cannot anybody these days stop a while and look at all that is around and thank everyone that all that is around is in some ways good and perhaps enjoyable? Why is everyone running? Tourists these days and backpackers – people who in the 60s and the 70s – had time – want to cover as much as they can. No one is really into smelling the roses and enjoying nature. When I visit the parks in my city – I see more people speaking on their phones than relaxing – and this is a park mind you; not the race course where you have to prove your prowess! One reason is perhaps the multiplicities and complexeties of existence – we operate on many levels – lead many lives; face many a challenge – much more perhaps than when we were younger and the world were naive. I remember in those days you could eat as much grease on your burger and smoke and no one would feel too bad about it. I don’t know how long that was, but perhaps it was far back in the past. Scientists have in fact researched it and find out that technology has made us lazier and people rarely do as much as they used to in the past in terms of sheer physical back breaking work.
My father – a retired gentleman now who was once a banker, often speaks of his education when he was young; he had to walk miles to get to school. I know I went to school in a bus and even in the days of my college I rarely ever ruffled a hair on my head getting to my place of study. If I had to walk – I’d probably be illiterate! Kids today in the more affluent class often prefer videoconferencing in this time and age! No wonder people have no fun these days – things are way to easy! And of course there is the economy – people are richer than they used to be – perhaps in the middle ages. And wealth brings with it; its own many connundrums and difficulties! There is perhaps no way out of this and no one will now stop to smell the lilies any longer; there is money to be made and one must make it as much as one can – the future’s uncertain you know! Is this a stress reaction I often wonder; economies have to deliver more than they promised. Company bosses have to deliver on targets that are termed ‘stretch’. With things scaling the way they are – I am not surprised people don’t do simple pleasures any more.
People make children now and then they think how they can perhaps give their children a trust fund; it is always about a paranoid uncertain future and increasingly rarely about the fun and games that one could perhaps have now. No wonder the children grow up paranoid and complexed and contribute to the hysteria that existence has become. In any class in any school today, the number of kids wanting to be artists and playwrights or writers perhaps; the creative types has come down. No; I have not statistics to prove it – but most people today just want to make more money. Even the rock stars of yesterday are today just money grubbing freaks that are motivated more by how much more they can take in than sing about what it used to be. In the west they that want to do things differently are called ‘indies’ – an approximation of the word ‘independent’ – meaning perhaps a lack of dependance on the lucre and some how then not lured so much by it! Good music has come out of this band of uncommitted people as have good movies. In our country too we have the musicians and the film makers need money to make ends meet and like Justin Timberlake – the most ever soul ful they have said is – ‘I want to bring sexy back!’ At times like this the words of the song from Sandi Thom – such an indie Scottish singer song writer who actualy webcast her song to produce a #1 hit single comes to mind ‘…Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair; In 77 and 69 revolution was in the air; I was born too late into a world that doesn’t care; Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair; When the head of state didn’t play guitar,Not everybody drove a car,When music really mattered and when radio was king,When accountants didn’t have control; And the media couldn’t buy your soul, And computers were still scary and we didn’t know everything….’

The death of dilligence or how we like to believe!

I am – or I think I am – an independent soul – the kind of a human that has thoughts often not plastered, cut and pasted; provincially limited; of what is at that time the  ‘Zeitgeist’ – originally a German expression that means "the spirit (Geist) of the times (Zeit)". That’s a word that denotes the intellectual and cultural climate of an era.The concept of Zeitgeist goes back to Johann Gottfried Herder and other German Romantics, but is best known in relation to Hegel’s philosophy of history. Ho hum for that! You could say I am a contrarian – yo baby the guy who goes left when all go right – thinking that there in be liberation from a culture of group think and a way out of – perhaps of the swamp of mediocrity that flesh is heir to ?
Andy Warhol was a  artist and gave us the concept I believe of the ’15 seconds of fame’. Andy having immortalised in his lifetime a can of American factory made soup (Campbell’s) into true and widely feted art had this epiphany I assume as he ‘designed’ his art screen printing as he used to. He started what I would call an heraldry into the  democratisiation of media. Today an American urban legend You Tube since swalloed by big bucks is exactly that – your personal 15 mins of fame?!!!! Just remember to say something smart when that spotlight’s on you so that the search engine guys can publicise/optmise  your doo hikey for the best possible results! But then again this democratisation of the media is also often termed ‘dumbing down’. I bet Andy would have liked that!
Somewhere along the line – people have just kind of stopped thinking things over. The power of the rumour reigns over life. At India we have had quite a few and my personal favourite was when the water at Mahim Creek, Mumbai – otherwise recognised as polluted and filthy – turning sweet!The power of media and the television to be not forgotten; I at least saw distinct video fotage of people in joyous abandon drinking water from what looked like a really dirty pond. The voice over said ‘Mahim Creek and the little scripts at the bottom of the screen also said Mahim Creek and I nearly threw up when the images of Mahim Creek – a place I have often passed in my life flashed through my head. And then I remembered that fairy tale – the emperor’s new clothes. No wonder!! I guess the kids in our town have all grown up and there really is no one to tell anyone that perhaps what you believe as true is perhaps not? No one today questions the status quo any longer and those that do – are often found dead in elevators as the Russian journalist in Moscow a few weeks back or that ex KGB spy that died in a London Hospital of a poison so fatal and strange that they yet know not what?
The dangers of ‘group think’ and the manipulative nature of people of importance was very nicely studied and explained during America’s militray intervention in  Vietnam. Today the same people in different bodies perhaps pull on us a charade and call it democracy for Iraq. There is one world view and that is  the world view of the people that matter and that is the only one. People like to believe and in times of extreme stress as the world has often seen – a good (fairy) tale is often what everyone really likes to take in. Management science (or art) has many such tales and my favourite is Tom Peters tale in ‘Search of Excellence’. For 20 long years till November 2001 – this was a by word of what managers had to do – written as it was by apparently great thinkers from McKinsey – that great firm. And then oneday a magazine ‘outted’ them. The data in that book it seems now was falsified – but hey we all like a good story do we not? In Tom’s own words (though he did refute it later) ‘…..In Search of Excellence was an afterthought, the runt of the McKinsey consulting litter, a hip-pocket project that was never supposed to amount to much. That’s my first confession, and it’s the truth.Of course, there’s an official way that I tell the story now — and it’s total bullshit. The way I tell it now is, "Americans were under attack by the Japanese, who were making good automobiles. So Bob Waterman and I set out to discover the real secrets of management." Usually when I tell that version of the story, I try to use my imitation voice-of-God way of speaking to convey the impression that what we set out to do was Very Important……’. The truth came out 20 years later that most of the data was in fact falsified!
The fact is that people knew they were bull shitting – it did not take long for the companies that they profiled to meet their demise and perhaps put a question on what Tom and Bob (Messers Tom Peters and Robert Waterman – the authors) had espoused – but like I said – we like to believe and there in lies the rub – for what may one believe if one gets the chance? Everyone out there is looking for a panacea – why do all that hard work and actually find out what it takes – when there are prophets and oracles telling us what is the truth – or what they think is the truth. And we like to believe and there in is the death of dilligence – it is a lot like the stock market – people love to believe! To quote Gnarls Barkley – a hip hop musician duo ‘……My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb; And all I remember is thinking, I want to be like them; Ever since I was little, ever since I was little it looked like fun; And it’s no coincidence I’ve come; And I can die when I’m done; Maybe I’m crazy, Maybe you’re crazy; Maybe we’re crazy; Probably….Uh, uh….…I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind; There was something so pleasant about that place.Even your emotions had an echo; In so much space; And when you’re out there; Without care,Yeah, I was out of touch; But it wasn’t because I didn’t know enough; I just knew too much….’